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Apr 5, 2017


 This black turtleneck sweater is one of my new favorite things and I seriously can’t remember how many times I got stopped in the street by people asking me where it was from. I can’t wait to wear it in all ways possible! News: I am heading to New York, next weekend. Any ideas about exciting stuff I can not miss?? Pm me! :)

Mar 24, 2017

Boston, Massachusetts

If 3 years ago someone would come to me saying that I would travel twice to The United States within one year, I´d probably laugh in their faces. This is damn crazy and exciting to say the least! Moving abroad was never ever a thing I wanted so bad, my motto was always about looking for opportunities and seeking challenges, personal and professional ones. Hence, putting me apart from the reality I am used to was something I always looked for but never had the opportunity. As you might know, last year I came to The US to attend an international business program (yeah that´s my academic field!) during Summer time and, undoubtedly, I had the time of my life. Among friends, business trips, classes, celebrating 4th of July, New York, clubbing, hard work, I must say this experience became THE best adventure I put myself into. Presumably,  I became more mature and aware of the infinite possibilities life can prompt us. I believe we´re all pretty busy, looking for something, trying to achieve that position at work or fall in love with that guy that texted us last night. Besides our own bubble there´s also life and exciting stuff to discover and let yourself be! Maybe what we´re looking for is not right for us right now, someday will be, but not now! Overall, this has been my motto over the last 6 months.
I came back from New York on August 27th, full of energy to start something new and maintaining my happiness, apart from loving my hometown and family, I knew I wanted to leave again and that´s what I did. I started to apply for International Programs to work abroad and my destination was Boston! Do you know what I am talking about? Less than 9 months and I am back to America!! I don´t know what´s this, but I totally believe in signs, so maybe it means something.
I have been in Boston for 3 weeks now and what I can say is that the city is fresh, outgoing and everything moves fast. Likewise New York, Boston is a small baby still giving the first steps, which is cool because New York is very chaotic and demanding. Downtown Boston is full of skyscrapers, Barneys is my favorite luxury mall, the Haymarket is pretty good to find cheap grocery and fresh fruits!! Still adapting to the city tricks, but on the whole sometimes I still have to pinch myself!
Spring is here...New season, new looks, new parties, new friends, lets make this a good one.

Happy Spring!!!

Feb 5, 2017

Why Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone Is Worth It

[Life updates 4 p.m // 2017-2-4] My family´s vehicle developed a problem out from nowhere and along with them we´re at a service station waiting for an insurance car, and still four hundred kilometers away from home! The weekend is, obviously, for 2 days and 1 day and a half is almost over and I still have tons of things to do! (Oh did I forget to mention that I am living by my own as the company I am working for is not located in Lisbon?!) Okay..pretty bored but having my laptop here with me is a good excuse to update my blog..oui? To begin with, I´ve wanted so bad to write a personal post about what I´ve been doing lately and why I am constantly searching for new opportunities and challenging myself. At first sight, it might seem that being able to live international experiences is easy or that I am not afraid of "saying goodbye" to my family and friends to embrace something new! For this reason, I want to remind you all that I get very emotional when it´s time to pack and leave my comfort zone behind my back. It seems beautiful, fierce but, sometimes, it is quite the opposite. Even though it´s totally worth it. Personally, I simply want to try out and see if going abroad can be a good way of moving forward in my career. I did it last year and I´m going to do it again, I believe giving up small personal sacrifices for the greater good can change a big deal to my success. Now it´s time for me to reset my current comfort zone, store it in the cupboard and create a new one from scratch. I will keep you posted on how I get along with that. 

                              "Find your comfort zone. Then leave it."

Jan 2, 2017

Why study abroad | My experience

My biggest achievement of 2016 was having the tremendous opportunity to study in the United States for 6 weeks and traveling among Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York. In the beginning of 2016, I knew I wanted to be more a risk taker, adventurous, step out from the atmosphere I was used to and dive into other opportunities. In fact, the beginning of the year made me research for several hours about international programs, I spent weeks on google on a regular basis searching for summer camps, English courses, volunteering in not developed countries, working abroad during summer..and so on! At that moment, I was still working for a luxury hotel and even though I loved what I was doing and the team I was working with was beyond words, I knew I needed to give a step forward. And that's what I did! I applied for a Business and Leadership program called The Global Village at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, The United States. Since day 1 I was not aware of what this program could benefit myself not only due to professional reasons but also related to personal growth. Living abroad in a multicultural circumstance, working on projects with young leaders passionate about a bright future is something that I did not know much. The truth is I consider most of my friends in Portugal are afraid of thinking out of the box and face challenges, some of them, unfortunately, don't believe in a career, they think they're not good enough and that we should settle down. That's the current way of thinking that I have emerged for quite a few years but I was done. Life's far from being perfect and in a world where, at least in Portugal, our unemployment rate is slightly increasing to tremendous levels we can't stay quite and settle for nothing. We are all worth it, we just need to work harder and make things happen! I have learned a lot with people from everywhere, from Peru to Indonesia or from Africa to the Middle East, the exchange of know-how, values and culture were humongous. My first days in America weren't easy, jet lag was literally killing me, I usually woke up around 4 am because I couldn't sleep more (in Portugal is 5 hours ahead)...a mix of excitement and everything was different. I shared a room with a guy from China, pretty funny tho! But we didn't get along a lot, we're both very busy and in different team buildings. About the program, I must say it was very intense and the key challenge was always to meet short deadlines and dealing with people from different background from mine! Now I understand how important was this experience, definitely, this program was designed to be an approach to the labor market. Working hard with fewer resources, meeting shorter deadlines and deliver the best outcome for customers. Putting work aside, we also had time to travel during weekends and the pictures below stand for this. Above all, I advise each one of you in 2017 to step out from your comfort zone and do something different. You'll be eternally grateful for how much that experience can positively impact your life.
This year I'm going to dive into another challenge soon, again I must say it's hard to pack your bags and leave to the unknown and alone, although I'm sure my current choices will impact my life over the long term. Are you ready to take off with me? 

Dec 26, 2016

Glowing skin on New Year´s Eve | L´Oréal Paris

If you still think that makeup is exclusively for women you´re humongous wrong, most of the century 21 men have redefined their beauty traditional conceptions. Since my first years in the blogosphere, I´ve always wanted to share my own vision, be risky enough to show you my disruptive side without judgments, in spite of what society wants us to do or be. Furthermore, some brands like L´Oréal are adapting its culture and targeting their products to everyone, hence we´re all worth it! In other words, L´Oréal is featuring a man in a cosmetics ad for the first time as it focuses on a new tagline which aims to celebrate diversity. Awesome news, right?
I´ve always been very passionate about the cosmetics industry, clearly this market is growing tremendous and more guys are using makeup, so it makes sense for L´Oréal to be above the line and keep forecast this beauty trends. New Year´s Eve is in a few days and as you probably might know it is the last party of the year, in fact, me and my little niece have decided to recreate a party-perfect skin look for that night! Don´t panic if you don´t know yet how you can achieve this glowing skin, as I´m going to list below all the skin MAC products we have used:

- Prep + Primer, the natural radiance base lumiere
- The studio finish concealer duo, NW30
- Studio moisture tint with SPF 15, dark plus 
- Mineralize skin finish natural
- Finishing transparent powder
- Matchmaster concealer 9.0
- Cream color base, hush frost
- Mineralize skin finish soft & gentle
- Skin refresher and we´re done!

Happy Holidays! 

Dec 21, 2016

Happy holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!! I hope you have an incredible time surrounded by love and laughter. Can´t believe the last week of the year is about to come. 
Let´s make it a jolly good one!!! Ps: xmas shopping mode can be so stressful!!

Dec 12, 2016

the not glam side of the fashion industry

I've wanted to write a post regarding this subject for a real long time, accordingly to what the fashion industry is nowadays becoming more about sales, developing constantly products and less about people within clear passion for the industry. In fact, there´s a controversy amongst what this industry proclaims, and what they´re actually doing related to discrimination and lack of diversity in the modeling industry. I must confess that, back in 2013, I wanted to become a commercial model which is a model who works for all kind of advertisements, I´ve tried and got hired for one of the best modeling agencies here in Portugal. One year after I immediately quit my contract! Gosh...writing this makes me very emotional, because I thought I was finally living my dream to push myself out there and inspire young people to be themselves regardless judgments, race, sexual orientation or even body type. In an industry which was built on the celebration of beauty and diversity both of women and men has totally been hijacked by a small group of casting directors and photographers that no longer care about the humongous impact of their actions in the society. This is sad. I got told that I was too skinny or even that I could not go to that casting because I am black and they do not shoot black models. The world is not one size fits all. Am I the only one thinking how idiot is this issue? Shouldn't fashion be reflective of the world we live in? The Fashion Industry has a large  impact on society, mainly to send extremely positive and empowering messages to a consumer base that´s waiting for their own acceptance. Equally important, there are already creative agencies and brands that are adapting new ways to thrive the industry and understand how diversity is also good for business! Maybe one day I'll be back into the modeling industry, but right now I guess the "back office" is where I intend to stay and develop a career. 

"There needs to be a greater awareness of who wears the clothes". 

Ps: Insanely proud of my friend Abdel Queta Tavares for being recognized, at the National Portrait Museum in London!! Besides being the Creative Director of Black Fashion Stars he's currently giving his first steps into the fashion industry, supporting the diversity and inclusivity amongst the black and the LBGT community! Thanks for this picture man. Follow his work HERE :)

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