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May 22, 2016

Michael Kors Spring 2016

I was never a huge fan of accessories. Watches, bracelets or even sunnies were bought very occasionally with an undeniable rule: "the cheapest one, please!" Oh Gosh, I feel miserable telling you this but I guess I was attempting some gloomy days that I do not miss anymore. A few years ago, I did not have any idea about fashion in general...but, definitely, things had changed and my passion about it but, mainly, related to the luxury industry have developed unquestionable. As a consequence, I have started to use my Raybans on a daily basis and my Tommy Hilfiger watch for a few years. As a master´s degree business finalist, I wanted to gift myself some fancy watch that would represent a special moment in my academic career. The ONLY brand that appeared on my mind was Michael Kors, actually, this brand represents someone with a glam side which delivers chic attitude every time. 

I ended up getting the Michael Kors´ watch that you see in the picture, they call the lexington gold-tone watch and, in fact, It fits my style and personality. It was designed with the aspirational man in mind and brings "sleek and streamlined to a whole new level"- they said. If you are looking for something luxurious and special, yet with some cash limitations..this gold toned masterpiece can fulfill your desire. Remember, a 300$ watch is an investment whether you´re wearing it en route to a business meeting in Soho, New York or boarding a flight to Sicily, for all manner of occasions you´d look ready to go. 

In case you want to surprise someone: these two masterpieces are #GOALS:

Darci Pavé two tone Watch here
Hartman gold tone Watch here

May 1, 2016

#YoungCreativeMinds - Patrícia Luz

Her name is Patrícia Luz, 23 years old and she´s the second guest of The Glam Life Diary´s newest section: Young Creative Minds. Nowadays, she works as a commercial manager at the renown Real Hotels Group and, also, as a blogger at in her free time. With a bachelor's degree in Management and an immeasurable talent for writing, her blog has been seen by more than 130 000 viewers and, claims undoubtedly her passion for life. Patrícia enjoys surfing at the Vicentina coast, taking pictures and meeting new different types of people. Patrícia confesses me enjoying red fruits gin, lives between the south and the center of Portugal, and most of her posts on the blog are mainly related to love. She is a feminist, volunteer of a non-profit organization that helps children with special needs, and definitely amazing to talk for hours. Welcome!

#1. "Love always yourself more. In the end, love is one thing and life is another one. But there´s only one life to care about. And if love does not want to follow you, try the first three times, but give up on the fourth time. Being happy is much more important. Life goes on." - Found out this post on your blog, and I am asking you until when should we fight for love? 

#P: We should always fight for love. It is always worth it fighting for someone that makes our life shaking off. There are only a few amount of people with this power, isn´t it? I believe when we fall in love with someone, it is possible that our life might not be cleared up for that person. However, it does not mean that in the future we can´t be or that we can not change their lives forever. As a result of this, we should never give up on something we truly believe and feel in our heart. If it is love: everything change. But if it isn´t, we have to be brave enough to move one. People have to understand that moving one is not a sign of weakness: therefore, there are so many people out there...and we all have the right to be and make someone happy. 

#2. There´s not a post on your blog that does not inspire someone or make us react in a you always write what you feel? 
#P: I think that always wrote beyond what I really felt inside. Sometimes, I find myself throwing up things that I, honestly, don´t know what I feel in that exact moment. Then, I end up reading what I have written and it seems like someone had written for me! Never overthink when I am writing. 

#3."Vai Ficar Tudo Bem" is your e-project launched in 2012, nevertheless, you have been writing for a long time before that. Do you consider that your followers at that time are still following your steps, at the blogosphere, until today? 
#P: Yeah, definitely. There are still some people following my adventures from those old times, especially some friends. Anyway, the truth is I don´t even know who reads my blog in reality. It had happened before:  meeting people in random events and they already know my blog (it is such a great feeling being recognized!). 

#4. Your blog has been a network and partnership tool with some companies, however the blogosphere´s market has become even more popular and competitive. How do you highlight from the others?
#P: The authenticity. I´ll never promote products or services that do not mean something to me. On the other hand, most of the posts I write are  entirely developed by me and most of the brands or people do not even know that I am a blogger. I love sharing my own experiences, so my viewers can "e-live" these moments with me, too.

#5. Do you follow any ritual while you´re writing for your blog?
#P: Yeah!Most of the people don´t know what mean having a blog and how long we spend with it. If they know, they would appreciate even more our work. Regarding my ritual, I always put some proper music on. Music  is such a good inspiration for me, since when I am editing some photos until drawing up my post (normally they´ve been on my mind for some nights in a row before falling asleep!). I always right in a flash: do not think too much. And, further, I rarely read. What I think at the moment I write, if does make sense I post it online. It happens several times, the next day, I end up deleting the post (the pain had gone and I don´t want people to read it!).

#6. Even though social media have been a benefit for everyone, also to some companies that wish to be present at online platforms, it brought to you  some unpleasantness issues, as well some people pretending to be you. How can you handle this type of situation?  
#P: Well, until very recently I did not care too much about it. But as I have been growing up, I am becoming more aware of these types of situation.  You know....when you don´t have a full-time job or represent a brand, basically, what people say or think about you it´s irrelevant. Having random people pretending to be me can be disastrous: we never know whether our image is following the right purpose, or who is pretending and or if he/she is close enough or far from us! The internet is a world that can be used with the right intention or not. Unfortunately, we need to protect ourselves.

#7. "Man are the dumbest people I know. I don´t like hearing that they are all the same. It annoys me who do it, because the truth is: no one had tried all them and the delusions created by them in women are the same as a woman can create in all men!" -   Are women closer to understand the men? Or is it the opposite? 
#P: We´re incomprehensible human beings. I enjoy thinking that the life´s trick is, exactly, in it! The "Cat and dog´s game" can enhance some silly moments, although that´s where adrenaline comes from. But if you want me to bet on it, I guess women and our sixth sense understand men better.

#8. Writting or taking pictures?
#P: Taking pictures! Because it does mean having the possibility to write an infinity of things without writing something....

#9. Projects in the future? News coming?
#P: Even though, time has been, ultimately, very short, I am involved in so many projects! Not only for blog purposes, but also regarding my personal life. The day where I am not doing something else, it means I´d be miserable. 

#10. The Glam Life Diary is a blog related to a young and open minded target. What is your advice, for our readers, that intend to launch and give the first baby steps into the digital world? 

#P:Never try to be someone else. Do not create a blog just because is something trendy or to be cool. Honestly, being a blogger is synonymous of therapy. People that do not do in the healthy and genuine way, it will be hard to send the right message and, as a matter of fact, it ´s awful.  Regarding technical issues, there are some crucial things: image and video quality, communication among social networks and content management. The most important thing is to always input a little bit of your personality in what you´re doing. The rest will come. :)

Thank you!!


Apr 17, 2016

What is no-makeup makeup and why should men try?

As an enthusiastic about makeup and the way it can enhance my creative side and, also, making me have a blast while I get my face done for some special event or meeting, I needed to talk it out about this issue, especially if we are discussing about makeup for men. Being open minded thanks to my constant trips abroad, reading fashion magazines and modelling for advertising companies I, inevitable, got an huge interest about makeup but, mainly, about cosmetics in general. That said, if you feel like heading out this weekend on a date with someone special or if there is a glam party and you want to look good for, this post might interest you. The point of no-makeup makeup is to look as though we aren´t wearing any makeup! Most men still do not get it but believe me, makeup does miracles and, nowadays, looking your best can, definitely, boost your confidence. And, hello...don´t you want to look like a model in 10 minutes? #iknowyouwanttho. 

--- Get the perfect no-makeup makeup look with these cosmetics I personally do use below ---

1. Makeup primer that´s specifically beneficial for oily and combination skin types - Prep and Prime natural radiance from MAC. 38€.

2. A colour correcting that increases the natural radiance of the skin - Tinted cream SPFF 30 with radiance booster from MAC. 32€.

3. A moisturizing concealer enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals -  Mineralize concealer from MAC. 19€

4. A luxurious powder that adds highlight to the high points of the face - Mineralize skinfinish from MAC. 22€

Mar 1, 2016

How to dress down a trench coat

I was DYING to show you my latest acquisition: this full-length trench coat from COS. When I bought this coat I was, initially, looking for something to wear with a suit but I guess I´ve changed my mind and, definitely, can dress it down for a casual daily look, isn´t it?  This trench coat is one of the best investments I ever made this winter season, as I fell in love with the minimalist and clean design. It can be worn with almost anything - not shorts, unless you want to look a bit "weirdo". I tempted it with a grey pair of jeans and a pair of portuguese designer boots (, and violà!

Still want to look like a cool like this season? You can find it HERE!!

Feb 20, 2016

3 Reasons why I love wearing black and you need to Stfu about it

 I needed to make a post related to my recent obsession about wearing black almost every single day. To be honest, I have been developing this taste throughout these past few months, I don´t know why or how it got started. I was always into colorful clothes, a full yellow cardigan or some new neon sneakers would make me feel like a cool kid. Crazy, hun? Things changed completely. Maybe because I am 23 years old and I am not that kid starving for attention, on the streets, anymore hahaha. I am in a overwhelming period of my life, so many things changed, working in a full time job, looking for international adventures....suddenly I found myself wearing black in a daily seemes to match my inner soul and I f*cking love it. All black everything is my new motto, along with a powerful make up or some basic rayban sunnies in case you want to hide your terrible under circle eyes from last night out! 3 Reasons why you should ONLY wear black?

1. We don´t need bright colors to stand out. I believe presence comes from the inside, put your best attitude and don´t let others to make you feel like nothing when (tbh) people might be inspired by the way you match you accessories according to your outfit. They are craving for your attention!

2. Effortless. That´s the word. Black is literally trying without showing off. And isn´t that look we are trying to achieve?

3. Because we know how mysterious we might look. No one wants to look boring and predictable. We always have secrets we might never tell, all black outfit enhance this hidden part of us.  

Nov 15, 2015

#YoungCreativeMinds - Marisa Vitória

One thing I´ve wanted for a long time was to create a new concept here on the blog. As a visionary, I had on my mind to share with everyone some people that are truly an inspiration for me. Not only in a professional way but also in an introspective side. The main message of this blog is to inspire someone to change their lives somehow and, achieve their dreams. It can be about running a new business, getting motivated to do some sports, someone with a passion about something or even with a story to talk about. At the end of the day, It might inspires you to change something about yourself! So, if you know someone that can inspire all of us please let me know in the comments bar below. Today, I´m happy to start this new The Glam Life Diary´s section with the blogger of the "La vie en Rose", Marisa Vitória. She´s 23 years old, marketing student with a tremendous passion about writing and photography and, also, blogging since 2010. Her writing skills are just amazing and I, definitely, advise you to check it out her blog here. Marisa Vitória, from a point no one else had the opportunity to see, read the interview below and get to know the first "young creative mind". 

Welcome MARISA. Before starting our little chat, I want to thank you, in advance, your acceptance regarding my invite. We have been friends for ages and it is, definitely, a privilege doing this with such a talented person. Hope you can share with us a little bit of your life, or a side still undiscovered by most of people. I can bet we all will get inspired by your story.

#1. "Inside my heart, I never didn´t give up. While the reason made me want to believe that was not worth it anymore, in my heart was always a bright light and hope. Because, at the end of the day, I´ve always heard that we should not give up from something that made us happy".

 Found out this quote in your blog and according to the countless of your blog posts about love, I´m asking you...What does it rest from past relationships/love?

#M: I wrote this post in 2013, and reading it all again right now, it gives me chills. Love and passion were always something part of myself, it can move us to different states of mind and let us completely broken (in the end of the day)...From these experiences rest us stories, little pieces of me that belong to the past, although I remember it with kindness.

#2. La Vie en Rose was created in 2010 and, as mentioned in the previous question, a good part of your blog posts are related to love and occurrences in your life. Do you consider that the art of blogging have been helping you in some way? Like a escape from reality when things are getting rough? What do you want from your writing?  

#M: I developed my blog in 2010, exactly in the worst period of my life. I was feeling completely lost, "alone", lacking a direction to fight for. As I always have been very quiet, covering (everything!) things to myself, and did not feel like to talk with people about some private details of my life, I decided to challenge myself and create a place in the internet, as an online confident, where I could write and unburden everything from my soul. I mean, not everything but a good part of it. I write to feel more relieved as If I could get through everything!

#3. What is your biggest inspiration or reference? And why?

#M: My mother is my biggest inspiration. She has such a good heart and the person I have become  and everything I am nowadays are thanks to her.

#4. Beyond your passion about writing, photography is also one of your passions. When did it start?

#M: This hobby started some years ago, when I discovered that as writing, photography was also a escape for my own world. I was used to spend several hours just to get the perfect shot and, then, edit it all them. Today, my camera messed it up so I´m not being able to photograph. 

#5. The picture that describes your soul and why?

#M: The picture below reflects, undoubtedly, my introspective and dreamer side. As also, an hidden side, everything that is only for me that I don´t share with anyone.

#6. As a marketing student, what type of career do you want to develop in the future? For economic reasons, the economic situation in Portugal is far from good..are you willing to pack your bags and start something new somewhere else? 

#M: I do not exclude this option, unfortunately Portugal does not have the right conditions to develop a better life, only just to survive from it. Regarding my future, I hope working in marketing as It is my academic background, as a sale manager or in merchandising. Something related to what I am studying really hard right now and connected to what I am learning, in a daily basis, at work. 

#7. An advise for all The Glam Life Diary´s readers?

#M: Be the best version of yourself, life the life you want without filters, hypocrisies or fake statements. Learn to love yourself and accept it, after that, things will get easier.  

#8.Tell us your biggest achievement.

#M: I don´t have any "biggest achievement", what I have are personals achievements and milestones that I´m so proud of. For me, an achievement is doing something that people think I cannot do it. It is overtaking a part of my shyness, speaking to an audience. It is fighting without fears and never give up, even when giving up might be the easiest option. Facing my daily fears, and self-overcome, every single day.

#9. The last but not the least, happiness means...

#M: ..being with my beloved ones, doing what I love, drink a cup of tea and read a good book on the weekends.

Thank you!!

Oct 29, 2015

A New Chapter - "WELCOME TO The Glam Life Diary"

I have been blogging for almost 10 years now, since fotolog, skyrock and blogspot I felt the need to try something new and, again, change to another visual plataform. During some weeks my mind got full of new creative concepts as I was trying to develop something new for my new online diary. Since 2008, this blog suffered some little changes but nothing too crazy or something like that. Through all these years, I´ve changed a lot..from my music taste to my inspirations everything is quite different now. I met so many amazing people that helped me to improve myself, traveled a lot around Europe and fell in love with my (glam) life. My readers (you guys!!) are a part of this diary, they will always be and I knew they needed something different as they grew up equally by my side and have been following my baby steps, since the beginning, in this atmosphere. This new platform is an insight from everything that makes me passionate about, so if only one person gets inspired by a daily look or a post related to fashion, all my efforts were, definitely, worth it. 

For me it was always about sharing my life with people and seeing their reaction to it. That was everything I ever wanted to do.

Pedro de Hierro shirt | Cortefiel scarf | Massimo Dutti tie and shoes | Ted Baker bag 

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