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Nov 22, 2016

if you want to look more attractive, you must read this

I´m constantly reading inspiration quotes on some apps I, previously, had downloaded on my iPhone. As matter of fact, it gives me strength to face  my daily challenges and battles, it makes me so happy reading about successful stories, people that h
ad everything to follow their wrong path but they made it! I´m gonna share with you all my most loved article of all time, about 10 things you should follow in order to become happier with you inner-side and, also, to others. Thanks Tiffany Sun, your writing skills and way of thinking about life is so beautiful!

1. Surprise people, don’t tell them

I remember my heart jumped when I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers one random day at work, not because it was from my boyfriend or a secret admirer, but as a surprise. I soon discovered that it was my close friend who’d sent me the unexpected gift, just because he knew how depressed I felt after realizing my ex no longer cared about me. It wasn’t the gift alone that made my whole week brighter, it was his thoughts. The takeaway here? Don’t tell people what you’re going to get or do for them because then they expect you to deliver. 

2. Say “no” when you (really) don’t want to

People respect those who speak their minds, more so than someone who always agrees with their request or invitation. Yes, saying the “n” word might make your stomach flip but if you can get past that feeling, you’ll start feeling good about yourself.

3. Do something nice for a stranger

Hold the door if their hands are full. Warn them before they sit on a wet seat. Pick up their dropped cash. These are things most people won’t do, but will give respect if you do.

4. Leave your ego behind & learn from those who are better than you

Take the time to study what makes others shine. Practice over and over again. Ask if you need to. Because if you want to be the best, you have to be willing to learn from the best.

5. Be curious about everything

It’s fun talking with others, but the moment the conversation dies because no one has anything else to say is when you start getting bored of that person. Don’t be that person, the one anxiously looking away while racking your brain for a good topic. If you want to save yourself from that situation, you got to make people curious about you and the only way is if you’re curious yourself. Learn how things work. Ask yourself why people behave the way they do. Read about what’s happening in the world right now.

6. Stay calm when someone’s angry at you

This is probably the best solution to understanding people better and feeling more closely connected to them.

7. Start conversations with someone new

Break out of your comfort zone and talk with somebody you’ve never met. You’ll instantly surprise them (see point #1) and walk away with greater confidence.

8. Write a list on what you want to learn

A suggestion I’d recommend that a friend recommended me is writing a list of all the things you don’t know or have little knowledge about. Update that list whenever you come across a topic that puzzles you and research it when you have time.

9. Saying thank you

It’s simple, overused at times, but still can make a world’s difference to someone’s day. All it takes is a couple seconds to think about and appreciate what you are given, even if it’s something small like a hug.
Remember: Thank others when you really mean it, but not to the point where you go overboard (otherwise it starts to lose its meaning).

10. Make time for yourself

If there’s one thing you can’t recover in life, it’s time. 

"Remember, the most attractive thing about you has less to do with your face and body, but more with your heart and habits."

Nov 7, 2016

Glam Life Diary X Carrera

I am addicted to sunnies, but wearing prescripted eyeglasses used to make me feel annoyed, boring and looking awful! It does not happen anymore. Carrera has launched this new model Carrerino for their Junior Fall/Winter´16 Collection, I am loving it how it fits my face and highlights a clever/nerd looking, of course, in a stylish way! What are your opinions? Hot or Not? Stay tuned.

Nov 4, 2016

The eureka stylish shoes

Most of the brands I wear or partner with on a daily basis are international, for obvious reason, mainly because of the wholesale businesses and, also, the market prices. Unfortunately, Portuguese design products can be very pricey, we pay for the exclusivity and, of course, the quality. The Eureka shoes is a beautiful Portuguese footwear brand, each model represents luxurious materials, modern design and high quality.  This brand is affordable in comparison to others that are not so good as this one.  I am all about to support young creators, The Eureka Shoes are used to partner with young designers, as way to promote our national talent, isn´t this epic?! Sorry my apathetic face, between people walking in front of me and the lenses and my rush to go somewhere inside as it was raining a little bit, we managed to take this picture! 

Oct 17, 2016

The best must-have apps to edit your Instagram pictures

There are a lot of reasons why I edit my pictures on the iPhone, but for some reason it has a therapeutic effect on me. Sitting on the couch, on the train or in the restaurant or wherever I want and editing my pictures always calms me down. I’m a huge fan of Instagram and it serves as some sort of visual travel diary for myself. But to my own surprise, I actually never use Instagram to edit my pictures. I only use Instagram to either browse through other people work, or post my own pictures.  
With this short post I want to introduce you the apps I use to edit my pictures that you see on my Instagram account. Happy Editing!

   Most of my pictures are edited with the following apps:
·         VSCO 
·         FaceTune
·         SnapSeed
·         YouCam Makeup 

Oct 8, 2016

The One Thing About Life You Have Forgotten

Your life consists of daily, seemingly trivial actions and choices. Although, those tiny commitments are not likely to make a huge impact, sometimes you face the situations that require major decisions that are going to leave a trace and determine the trajectory of your life. Needless to say, that not all your decisions will be right. Some of them will be a perfect fit for the person you would like to be and things you would love to accomplish. Meanwhile, some of them will prove to be wrong or even destructive. The harsh truth you need to embrace is that some of the things you will decide to commit to will do nothing but hold you back. They will never allow you to be satisfied. You will never feel happy about them. No doubt, there will be things that bother you and make you feel depressed. They will make you regret your past decisions and be willing to have the second chance and correct all the mistakes. The feeling of dissatisfaction is going to follow you as long as you stay committed to the choice that has appeared to be wrong. The bad news is that you cannot make the right decisions all the time. The good news is that you do not need to. Because we are all people — we are not perfect. And you are not an exclusion. Regrettably, there is no “magic bullet” or 1–2–3 solution to always making right decisions. The thing you need to learn is that mistakes are an integral part of your life. Your job, relationship, education, business… these are spheres where you are required to make huge commitments. And sometimes they are not likely to work out. However, you do not need to live with your mistakes forever. You do not need to force yourself to settle for something you do not like. You do not need to make yourself bury the dreams about your ideal life.

You are not a tree. You can leave and find a better place, where you feel happy to live; a better workplace, where you can uncover your talents; a better partner, that will love and treat you well. However, the more you procrastinate to change the things, the more difficult will it be to change them. The longer you’re keen on postponing, the more accustomed you become to the life you do not like. Do not settle for the things that bother you and make you feel depressed. Do not settle for the life you do not like, knowing there is a chance to fix it. Do not give up chasing your dreams. Design your ideal life and do your best to start living it now.Shoot for the best and never settle for less. Because you deserve more.

"Because the thing about life you have forgotten is that you always have a choice." - Lukominskyi

Sep 22, 2016

If you want to be happy, get real with yourself

I guess getting older come up with tons of responsibilities, less time for ourselves, lots of hard work, losses or heartbreaks. Life´s a tough challenge, a road full of tiny curves - I must say. Besides that, getting older also means time to get real with yourself! There´s nothing more I regret than lying to myself. But waaait, I´m no talking about casual lies, those implicit lies we all tell to some friends, sometimes, like how nice is your home when actually it looks like crap or sorry about arriving here too late but my mom needed me. In fact, I´m referring to automatically accept people´s invitations when I would rather stay at home and self-entertain. I believe it´s hard to refuse any invitation to people we´re genuinely attracted to. A person you´ve just become friends. A close friend. People with high influence. Because, the truth is: we do not want to disappoint anyone and as human being we have the need to fit in with everyone and show our best selves. The main topic of today´s post is to be real - it is barely impossible to always pretend that we´re free or even interested in whatever invitation or proposal that comes our way. First of all, this automatic behavior is not healthy nor mandatory. It´s living a lie. Although, I´ve just come up with this conclusion but I´m willing to challenge myself and break free from this mindset, about pleasing everyone´s need, except mine!

Aug 26, 2016

hair care with redken CURVACEOUS

I´ve wanted to write about my hair care routine for so so long, but I guess there´s always something going on that interrupt me somehow! But not this time....when I created this platform, back in 2008, most of your emails or fb messages to me were about my hair. How many times do you wash your day per week? What type of products do you use? Or, even, is this your natural hair or is a wig? Confess, the last one made me laugh out loud!! I have to confess that when I was a teenager I completely disliked my hair, I couldn´t brush it as my school fellows and, the worst part, I was using the wrong products for it. Believe me, since I stopped using random products and started investing some money on it, I guarantee you that it changed everything. But waaait, it took me some years to adapt the right products into my daily hair care routine and as a dear friend of mine taught me "Consistency is Key". First of all, less is more in any field, so if you think I use a bunch of products or if I waste a lot of time with´re WRONG! Nowadays, the beauty industry can overwhelm us with so many "miracle" products, my tip is to understand your needs and follow a brand that promotes your hair type, be loyal to them. Don´t change for new products every single month, unless you´re a beauty blogger or work in this industry, because products take a time to produce a real effect in your hair. I still remember when I wanted immediate results. So silly. It will not happen in a blink of an eye, however you´ll notice some good results that´ll give you the rest of confidence and attitude you had missed. From my point of view, good looking is a combination of physical and psychologic behavior. Adress a good hair day with an edgy outfit, because it´ll boost the right attitude and you´ll feel sophisticated and happy more than ever. The Curvaceous Redken line transformed my curls!I´ve been using these products (the high foam cleanser and the conditioner) for approximately 4 months.  Thanks to my beauty&hair adviser (also friend!), Aurica Coban, she managed to introduce me this Redken line and also to present her Wellness Center and Hair Salon - Yindi Beauty, which I´ll come into more details very soon. Particularly my hair is more healthy than ever. Both products have an exclusive technology that helps curls to retain moisture, coats the cuticle to smooth and reduce frizz, and strengthens each strand.   Honestly, the results are obvious in these two pictures below, I´ve never had my hair as much curly and shiny as today. By the way, I know Redken has also other amazing formulas for different hair types, check it out its website here!

You also can check it out the other products from the Curvaceous´ line here. 

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