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Aug 26, 2016

hair care with redken CURVACEOUS

I´ve wanted to write about my hair care routine for so so long, but I guess there´s always something going on that interrupt me somehow! But not this time....when I created this platform, back in 2008, most of your emails or fb messages to me were about my hair. How many times do you wash your day per week? What type of products do you use? Or, even, is this your natural hair or is a wig? Confess, the last one made me laugh out loud!! I have to confess that when I was a teenager I completely disliked my hair, I couldn´t brush it as my school fellows and, the worst part, I was using the wrong products for it. Believe me, since I stopped using random products and started investing some money on it, I guarantee you that it changed everything. But waaait, it took me some years to adapt the right products into my daily hair care routine and as a dear friend of mine taught me "Consistency is Key". First of all, less is more in any field, so if you think I use a bunch of products or if I waste a lot of time with´re WRONG! Nowadays, the beauty industry can overwhelm us with so many "miracle" products, my tip is to understand your needs and follow a brand that promotes your hair type, be loyal to them. Don´t change for new products every single month, unless you´re a beauty blogger or work in this industry, because products take a time to produce a real effect in your hair. I still remember when I wanted immediate results. So silly. It will not happen in a blink of an eye, however you´ll notice some good results that´ll give you the rest of confidence and attitude you had missed. From my point of view, good looking is a combination of physical and psychologic behavior. Adress a good hair day with an edgy outfit, because it´ll boost the right attitude and you´ll feel sophisticated and happy more than ever. The Curvaceous Redken line transformed my curls!I´ve been using these products (the high foam cleanser and the conditioner) for approximately 4 months.  Thanks to my beauty&hair adviser (also friend!), Aurica Coban, she managed to introduce me this Redken line and also to present her Wellness Center and Hair Salon - Yindi Beauty, which I´ll come into more details very soon. Particularly my hair is more healthy than ever. Both products have an exclusive technology that helps curls to retain moisture, coats the cuticle to smooth and reduce frizz, and strengthens each strand.   Honestly, the results are obvious in these two pictures below, I´ve never had my hair as much curly and shiny as today. By the way, I know Redken has also other amazing formulas for different hair types, check it out its website here!

You also can check it out the other products from the Curvaceous´ line here. 

Aug 22, 2016

Summer in New York City

New York City is my favorite city in the world. There´s no city like this one and the best word to describe is: jungle. Tons of tourists walking from West Village to Little Italy, businessmen showing off their tailored elegant suits, talented people performing their creativity in the streets, passionate couples taking selfies in Times Square and, then, there was me reading my favorite book I´ve recently bought from DVF "The Woman I wanted to be". I have attended a business program in Pensylvania, but I wanted to go to New York and spend some days there, thus I ended up postponing my flight and stayed there around 10 days. I had a blast!! The city is inspiring just by itself. I still remember getting out of a club at 2 a.m and going to Times Square and observing all those lights. They´re SO bright and I felt very emotional, as a consequence of this dream trip that was on my bucket list for so long. I wanted to make this trip memorable, most of my friends that I met in PA state were also in the city, so as we wanted to spend the last days together we made sure to make plans according to everyone´s desire. The weather was a bit crazy, between sunny days and some thunderstorms, never thought Summer in New York was so bipolar! Nonetheless, it was special. Every single day was magical and an adventure. Travel with me and read the Top 4 tips below:

(1) If you go to New York I advise you to buy a metrocard for the week, you´ll save some money and, believe me, the city is expensive as hell so every penny/cent saved might help;

(2) You have your metrocard but the subway lines are quite a lot and messy and you feel a bit "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?"...I felt like it in the first hours, however, you can avoid a panic attack and, beforehand, install Citimapper App. It will get you everywhere by subway, but also by bus, rail or uber. Citymapper works as GPS app, it will help you to arrive anywhere you want, just follow its directions and voilà;

(3) During Summer, the temperature might increase until 34ºC, therefore be aware of what you are going to wear. Nothing is more uncomfortable than not to be outfit appropriated, I think. Fashion´s crossing my veins since I was born, but with the heat is almost impossible to look glamorous or fresh, I optioned to wear daily light clothes, like basic jeans shorts and plain t-shirts, paired with some nike sneakers. Furthermore, you can always look stylish with the right attitude and edgly look;

(4) Be open minded and get yourself inspired are the best tips I can give you. As Alicia Keys says, New York is the "concrete jungle where big dreams are made of"...have fun!

Jul 14, 2016

Hello from America!

 Don´t know exactly from where I should start. I have been keeping up this secret for a real long time (at least for my blogosphere followers)...but now it is time to share with you everything about my days living the America Dream..yey! I am currently in Bethlehem (PA) for Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry at Lehigh University. Besides my busy schedule attending classes from 8 am to 7 pm, I am also working on a Consulting Project for a company located in Florida. Almost 3 weeks here and I already met so many amazing and talented people from all over the globe, to be more precise, from 43 countries. Crazy, hun??! I have been trying to capture every single moment with my DSRL, because I am really looking forward to share, in depth, this experience with you guys. My lunch time is almost over, have to gooo! Do not forget that you can always follow my daily life on my instagram @joaosantoz. xx

Jun 29, 2016

Planning a Summer Trip to Rome? let´s go! #ItalianDays

Italy is definitely one of my favorite places to travel and have a good time. According to the previous post, last week I spent almost a full week in Rome area and besides the touristic meetings I also went to some #glam restaurants in the city! I´m going to suggest you my favorite restaurant: Pizzeria da Baffeto is a restaurant for all pizza lovers, it brings forward high quality with affordable prices. Summer time is just perfect for walking long distances while embracing new historic views (with an amazing italian ice cream, absolutely!). Please, enjoy the pictures and book your flight to Rome asap, I have no doubts you will have the time of your life. :)

Jun 20, 2016

First day in Rome #ItalianDays

Ciao a tutti! In case you´re not already following me on Instagram (you should definitely follow tho!!) I am currently in Rome for a few holidays with some of my closest friends. Last time I came here was 5 years ago, so the activities and things I intend to do, in the present, are completely different.  This city has such a beautiful architecture, I even feel like I am breathing art 24/7. I already had lunch at the Baffeto restaurant and, I guarantee you that all their pizzas are extremely delicious. You should try it as it is a traditional italian place to eat and affordable . Shot these pictures while running errands around Via Condotti, a street full of international luxury brands. It is very hot here, so this outfit just helped me to incorporate the city vibe and be practical. Have to get ready to have dinner now. Arrivederci!  

H&M Shorts // Nike Sneakers // Zara Shirt // Rayban Sunnies

Jun 3, 2016

The road to nowhere

Last weekend, I packed my bags and headed it out on a road trip with some friends! Portugal is such a beautiful country, full of history and breathtaking places. We had decided to visit a few places in Alentejo as one of my friends lives there and could help us during our stay. Évora was the first one to visit, this city is partially enclosed by medieval walls, with a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods. In particular, I advise you to have a drink at the Alquimia Café as the servants are very kind and the environment even more pleasant. Try the maracujá milkshake, it has a strong and a bit bitter flavour. Love it. Secondly, we visited Santo Amador which is a small village with nearly 400 residents. The interesting fact is that around the village you can find some poems painted on the walls. It definitely portrays the Portuguese history as we were a strong kingdom and until today, we are still inspired by our culture and efforts. 

Besides meeting these cute places, we got even more adventurous because we were searching for some locations to shoot and we found out an incredible place in a hunting area! Then, It started to rain and we could not get out from the car. Suddenly, the weather had changed and, immediately, my friends took me these 2 photos. 

In case you want to know what I am wearing. Send me a Fb message or Insta direct me. 

May 30, 2016

10 facts about me

I have been blogging for about 8/9 years, and as much as I enjoy writting about fashion and to share with you all some of my points of view, this time I have decided to write something more personal. I´d seen lots of other bloggers doing this tag so thought I'd do it too. In fact, I´d love to hear 10 facts about you aswell :) Let´s do this!

1. I am quite shy when it comes to meet someone or to do something for the first time. Do you know those butterflies you feel in your stomach and that weird feeling? Yeah...that is what I feel. Although, after the first impact I get back to my normal me!

2. I hate cold weather. It makes me feel very sick and disgusting. Maybe this is because I am from a tropical country in Africa (Angola) and I got used to live around 25 to 30 degrees all year (!!!)

3. I already went to Italy several times and their food always makes me sick! But I swear I love pizza and pasta but ONLY when I am back home. This is so creepy.

4. I listen to music 24/7.

5. I wanted to become a model when I was younger (this is so awkward!), however I quickly understood that I couldn´t so I founded my own blog where I could shoot, modeling and share with everyone my photos. In general, it has been enhancing my creative side and I really enjoy it pretty much!

6. I would love traveling to Bali (Asia) one day. It was never a destination on my bucket list, although this desire has been increasing as everyone is sharing, on social media, their experiences around this magic and wondrous island. 

7. I believe love has the power to transform everything we believe real. 

8. I used to be an hockey player during my childhood. I was not very good at it, but it was so much fun!

9. I have an older sister which is the opposite of me and no one believes we´re siblings: she´s blonde with some freckles around her face. Too cute :)

10. I am looking forward to move abroad to a new city, like London or New York. I want to live where things happen on a big scale, this was always a big dream of mine. 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal post today. Have a good day. Enjoy life. #beshameless
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