Oct 8, 2011

Life goes on

I wish there was somebody holding a sign just telling me this is the way to go or telling me that I am on the right track because there are always days like today where I look around and I don’t know what i’m doing. And I don’t know when I will know. I keep trying to look up to make sure i’m right but I just don’t know. That’s why there are things called chances. Because even though you don’t know if it is going to turn out okay it is just doing something you are scared to do and see the outcome of. I wish there was a thing called perfection. But no matter what there is nothing called perfect. The dictionary has the word perfect as: having all the required or desirable elementsqualities, orcharacteristics; as good as it is possible to be . Maybe thats my life. It is perfect. or it is on its way to be perfect. because in reality life could be so much worse. And even though I feel down sometimes and think how bad it is. My life is good. I have family and friends who love me.
 I am happy. that’s all that matters. So even though some things are bad, life goes on. 

I´m wearing a formal academic clothing/ traje académico do Algarve
me and inês martins having so much fun :)

Have a good weekend!Bom fim de semana!

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