Apr 8, 2012

Stay positive

It was something that I wasn´t ready but I didn´t care. Life is always about to take chances and believe in what you want to do and, then it was what I did. I don´t care, it was a choice. If was it good or bad? Well, what do you think? I don´t know yet but I hope so. I was so tired of all this mess. When will it end? Please I deserve to know it. Anyway, I feel good and I wasn´t feeling like that in a while…and this is the most important thing right now. The question is always the same: Are you happy or not? If you are around by people who don´t make you feel happy, who don´t make you feel confident is it right? I don´t think so. I always knew that I deserved something better, a better life, a better friends and a good family. A good family is something that I always had, but friends? It´s not the same. I was tired of drama and rumors going on. And because of that, I walked away…It wasn´t healthy for me and sometimes scary. Going away and fighting for the life I have now were the best thing that I did. Sometimes we just need to focus in our life, in what we believe and go fighting for our dreams. We always have potential to do something and It´s in our hands to change it. Stay positive.

Happy Easter!:)


  1. adoro adoro adoro :)
    és lindo !
    boa páscoa *

  2. Gostei muito da cor da calça! Feliz Páscoa.

  3. Hey, love what you wrote. Life teaches you how to live it, right? Amazing look, your pants are amazing. Love your blog too, following! xx

  4. adoro! os sapatos são giríssimos!
    concordo com o que dizes no texto, muitas vezes temos de deixar coisas para trás e fechar ciclos mas se tivermos a coragem suficiente e pensarmos de forma positiva, essas perdas tornam-se ganhos! boa páscoa! :)

  5. handsome!


  6. gostei muito dos sapatos! ando a ver se encontro uns assim, dessa cor e tudo!

  7. Gostei muito do outfit estas girissimo...

  8. I love your blog! yours outfits looks amazing! i follow you please follow me back! THANKS

  9. Se não estivermos positivos, quem estará por nós? :b

  10. Devias fazer um workshop com o título "Ensinar os homens a vestir"!
    E a tua amiga que mostra-te no outro dia tem de fazer um workshop do meu género mas para mulheres ;D



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