Mar 7, 2013

This is the life

There is a point in life that you have to choose between 2 or more choices. You feel so scared that the only solution is to cry all night long when no one can hear you. You feel ashamed and there is too much pressure from both sides going on. It seems like no one can handle it and you are stucked in a black hole completely alone and starving for some help. Things will get worse and worse, each day, and although you really wanted to talk with someone you can´t, because you feel like no one can understand your situation as you do. It makes us insecure about our future and at night nightmares don't let us to sleep. It sucks. There is nothing wrong about following our passions and living the life we want, it can be tough but in the end it will be completely worth it. The trick is never to give up and don´t let others tell you what you have to do.


  1. Essa camisola é mesmo espetacular!

  2. So true!!! I hope you're ok ;)


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