Apr 22, 2013

Warm up

It is the cool rush. It is the feelings that I can´t control. It is how perfect you really are. It is the times I ty and forget about you. It is the moments when we are happy. When we can look at each other and just smile. Smile and laugh and be ourselves. We can try and jump, try and escape from the horrors and the unfair reality of this world. Where we can hide and be safe, where we can protect one another. It is the late night talks and the contemplations. It is the pouring out of favourite songs and movies. The desire to travel and to get out of this town. Its how I want you to think of me. When we talk about our dreams and our goals and imagine that anything could be possible. Mostly its the fact you are not with me because you can´t be. I will always feel like that we won´t always be chasing the same things, wanting the same things. Im falling to my feet. Its the pain of wanting something that you can´t have. It is everything.

Outfit: Zara and Pedro del Hierro.


  1. me encanta la chaqueta
    es lino, no?

  2. the most handsome man



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