Mar 29, 2014

Honestly I really don’t know where to begin. When your name comes up a million thoughts trigger through my mind faster than a bullet. You hate smiling but when you do oh god does it just light up my world. And when your arms hold me i feel as if no tsunami can break down your walls of protection. Your eyes always lazy but wow they spark my interest and your lips I crave more than anything sweet. I felt it, I felt what everyone claims to be the most sweet sorrow, I felt love. And soon when I through myself over the high cliff thinking that you’ll be there to catch me you vanished. Now I’m slowly drowning and sometimes its hard to breathe. When you left you told me that if I ever hurt myself you wouldn’t come back, even if you wanted to. But theirs no point now because you’ve moved on and I’m still drowning and a slow painful death to the heart is too brutal to experience at this age. This sweet sorrow is so beautiful but destroying. The day you met me you planted a seed in me and grew a flower but you just had to kill it yourself. Now I’m weak and hopeless as memories and thoughts rush through my brain but I know if I wanted to say something to you I’d be speechless. I’m still drowning and I know you’re not coming to save me. But if you do try to reach me before I hit the bottom. 

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