Nov 15, 2015

#YoungCreativeMinds - Marisa Vitória

One thing I´ve wanted for a long time was to create a new concept here on the blog. As a visionary, I had on my mind to share with everyone some people that are truly an inspiration for me. Not only in a professional way but also in an introspective side. The main message of this blog is to inspire someone to change their lives somehow and, achieve their dreams. It can be about running a new business, getting motivated to do some sports, someone with a passion about something or even with a story to talk about. At the end of the day, It might inspires you to change something about yourself! So, if you know someone that can inspire all of us please let me know in the comments bar below. Today, I´m happy to start this new The Glam Life Diary´s section with the blogger of the "La vie en Rose", Marisa Vitória. She´s 23 years old, marketing student with a tremendous passion about writing and photography and, also, blogging since 2010. Her writing skills are just amazing and I, definitely, advise you to check it out her blog here. Marisa Vitória, from a point no one else had the opportunity to see, read the interview below and get to know the first "young creative mind". 

Welcome MARISA. Before starting our little chat, I want to thank you, in advance, your acceptance regarding my invite. We have been friends for ages and it is, definitely, a privilege doing this with such a talented person. Hope you can share with us a little bit of your life, or a side still undiscovered by most of people. I can bet we all will get inspired by your story.

#1. "Inside my heart, I never didn´t give up. While the reason made me want to believe that was not worth it anymore, in my heart was always a bright light and hope. Because, at the end of the day, I´ve always heard that we should not give up from something that made us happy".

 Found out this quote in your blog and according to the countless of your blog posts about love, I´m asking you...What does it rest from past relationships/love?

#M: I wrote this post in 2013, and reading it all again right now, it gives me chills. Love and passion were always something part of myself, it can move us to different states of mind and let us completely broken (in the end of the day)...From these experiences rest us stories, little pieces of me that belong to the past, although I remember it with kindness.

#2. La Vie en Rose was created in 2010 and, as mentioned in the previous question, a good part of your blog posts are related to love and occurrences in your life. Do you consider that the art of blogging have been helping you in some way? Like a escape from reality when things are getting rough? What do you want from your writing?  

#M: I developed my blog in 2010, exactly in the worst period of my life. I was feeling completely lost, "alone", lacking a direction to fight for. As I always have been very quiet, covering (everything!) things to myself, and did not feel like to talk with people about some private details of my life, I decided to challenge myself and create a place in the internet, as an online confident, where I could write and unburden everything from my soul. I mean, not everything but a good part of it. I write to feel more relieved as If I could get through everything!

#3. What is your biggest inspiration or reference? And why?

#M: My mother is my biggest inspiration. She has such a good heart and the person I have become  and everything I am nowadays are thanks to her.

#4. Beyond your passion about writing, photography is also one of your passions. When did it start?

#M: This hobby started some years ago, when I discovered that as writing, photography was also a escape for my own world. I was used to spend several hours just to get the perfect shot and, then, edit it all them. Today, my camera messed it up so I´m not being able to photograph. 

#5. The picture that describes your soul and why?

#M: The picture below reflects, undoubtedly, my introspective and dreamer side. As also, an hidden side, everything that is only for me that I don´t share with anyone.

#6. As a marketing student, what type of career do you want to develop in the future? For economic reasons, the economic situation in Portugal is far from good..are you willing to pack your bags and start something new somewhere else? 

#M: I do not exclude this option, unfortunately Portugal does not have the right conditions to develop a better life, only just to survive from it. Regarding my future, I hope working in marketing as It is my academic background, as a sale manager or in merchandising. Something related to what I am studying really hard right now and connected to what I am learning, in a daily basis, at work. 

#7. An advise for all The Glam Life Diary´s readers?

#M: Be the best version of yourself, life the life you want without filters, hypocrisies or fake statements. Learn to love yourself and accept it, after that, things will get easier.  

#8.Tell us your biggest achievement.

#M: I don´t have any "biggest achievement", what I have are personals achievements and milestones that I´m so proud of. For me, an achievement is doing something that people think I cannot do it. It is overtaking a part of my shyness, speaking to an audience. It is fighting without fears and never give up, even when giving up might be the easiest option. Facing my daily fears, and self-overcome, every single day.

#9. The last but not the least, happiness means...

#M: ..being with my beloved ones, doing what I love, drink a cup of tea and read a good book on the weekends.

Thank you!!

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