Feb 20, 2016

3 Reasons why I love wearing black and you need to Stfu about it

 I needed to make a post related to my recent obsession about wearing black almost every single day. To be honest, I have been developing this taste throughout these past few months, I don´t know why or how it got started. I was always into colorful clothes, a full yellow cardigan or some new neon sneakers would make me feel like a cool kid. Crazy, hun? Things changed completely. Maybe because I am 23 years old and I am not that kid starving for attention, on the streets, anymore hahaha. I am in a overwhelming period of my life, so many things changed, working in a full time job, looking for international adventures....suddenly I found myself wearing black in a daily seemes to match my inner soul and I f*cking love it. All black everything is my new motto, along with a powerful make up or some basic rayban sunnies in case you want to hide your terrible under circle eyes from last night out! 3 Reasons why you should ONLY wear black?

1. We don´t need bright colors to stand out. I believe presence comes from the inside, put your best attitude and don´t let others to make you feel like nothing when (tbh) people might be inspired by the way you match you accessories according to your outfit. They are craving for your attention!

2. Effortless. That´s the word. Black is literally trying without showing off. And isn´t that look we are trying to achieve?

3. Because we know how mysterious we might look. No one wants to look boring and predictable. We always have secrets we might never tell, all black outfit enhance this hidden part of us.  

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