May 30, 2016

10 facts about me

I have been blogging for about 8/9 years, and as much as I enjoy writting about fashion and to share with you all some of my points of view, this time I have decided to write something more personal. I´d seen lots of other bloggers doing this tag so thought I'd do it too. In fact, I´d love to hear 10 facts about you aswell :) Let´s do this!

1. I am quite shy when it comes to meet someone or to do something for the first time. Do you know those butterflies you feel in your stomach and that weird feeling? Yeah...that is what I feel. Although, after the first impact I get back to my normal me!

2. I hate cold weather. It makes me feel very sick and disgusting. Maybe this is because I am from a tropical country in Africa (Angola) and I got used to live around 25 to 30 degrees all year (!!!)

3. I already went to Italy several times and their food always makes me sick! But I swear I love pizza and pasta but ONLY when I am back home. This is so creepy.

4. I listen to music 24/7.

5. I wanted to become a model when I was younger (this is so awkward!), however I quickly understood that I couldn´t so I founded my own blog where I could shoot, modeling and share with everyone my photos. In general, it has been enhancing my creative side and I really enjoy it pretty much!

6. I would love traveling to Bali (Asia) one day. It was never a destination on my bucket list, although this desire has been increasing as everyone is sharing, on social media, their experiences around this magic and wondrous island. 

7. I believe love has the power to transform everything we believe real. 

8. I used to be an hockey player during my childhood. I was not very good at it, but it was so much fun!

9. I have an older sister which is the opposite of me and no one believes we´re siblings: she´s blonde with some freckles around her face. Too cute :)

10. I am looking forward to move abroad to a new city, like London or New York. I want to live where things happen on a big scale, this was always a big dream of mine. 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal post today. Have a good day. Enjoy life. #beshameless


  1. my love,
    somos tao parecidos. quando começares a fazer o mealheiro de Bali, diz-me para eu fazer tambem.
    Mal posso imaginar o que seriamos nos os dois num destino como BAli!!!! Tantas fotografias! Acho que nunca mais iriamos querer voltar.

    Temos de viajar juntos um dia destes!!! ******

  2. Bali! <3 Count me in! Anytime convenient to you, I'll be there too :)


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