Aug 26, 2016

hair care with redken CURVACEOUS

I´ve wanted to write about my hair care routine for so so long, but I guess there´s always something going on that interrupt me somehow! But not this time....when I created this platform, back in 2008, most of your emails or fb messages to me were about my hair. How many times do you wash your day per week? What type of products do you use? Or, even, is this your natural hair or is a wig? Confess, the last one made me laugh out loud!! I have to confess that when I was a teenager I completely disliked my hair, I couldn´t brush it as my school fellows and, the worst part, I was using the wrong products for it. Believe me, since I stopped using random products and started investing some money on it, I guarantee you that it changed everything. But waaait, it took me some years to adapt the right products into my daily hair care routine and as a dear friend of mine taught me "Consistency is Key". First of all, less is more in any field, so if you think I use a bunch of products or if I waste a lot of time with´re WRONG! Nowadays, the beauty industry can overwhelm us with so many "miracle" products, my tip is to understand your needs and follow a brand that promotes your hair type, be loyal to them. Don´t change for new products every single month, unless you´re a beauty blogger or work in this industry, because products take a time to produce a real effect in your hair. I still remember when I wanted immediate results. So silly. It will not happen in a blink of an eye, however you´ll notice some good results that´ll give you the rest of confidence and attitude you had missed. From my point of view, good looking is a combination of physical and psychologic behavior. Adress a good hair day with an edgy outfit, because it´ll boost the right attitude and you´ll feel sophisticated and happy more than ever. The Curvaceous Redken line transformed my curls!I´ve been using these products (the high foam cleanser and the conditioner) for approximately 4 months.  Thanks to my beauty&hair adviser (also friend!), Aurica Coban, she managed to introduce me this Redken line and also to present her Wellness Center and Hair Salon - Yindi Beauty, which I´ll come into more details very soon. Particularly my hair is more healthy than ever. Both products have an exclusive technology that helps curls to retain moisture, coats the cuticle to smooth and reduce frizz, and strengthens each strand.   Honestly, the results are obvious in these two pictures below, I´ve never had my hair as much curly and shiny as today. By the way, I know Redken has also other amazing formulas for different hair types, check it out its website here!

You also can check it out the other products from the Curvaceous´ line here. 


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