Aug 22, 2016

Summer in New York City

New York City is my favorite city in the world. There´s no city like this one and the best word to describe is: jungle. Tons of tourists walking from West Village to Little Italy, businessmen showing off their tailored elegant suits, talented people performing their creativity in the streets, passionate couples taking selfies in Times Square and, then, there was me reading my favorite book I´ve recently bought from DVF "The Woman I wanted to be". I have attended a business program in Pensylvania, but I wanted to go to New York and spend some days there, thus I ended up postponing my flight and stayed there around 10 days. I had a blast!! The city is inspiring just by itself. I still remember getting out of a club at 2 a.m and going to Times Square and observing all those lights. They´re SO bright and I felt very emotional, as a consequence of this dream trip that was on my bucket list for so long. I wanted to make this trip memorable, most of my friends that I met in PA state were also in the city, so as we wanted to spend the last days together we made sure to make plans according to everyone´s desire. The weather was a bit crazy, between sunny days and some thunderstorms, never thought Summer in New York was so bipolar! Nonetheless, it was special. Every single day was magical and an adventure. Travel with me and read the Top 4 tips below:

(1) If you go to New York I advise you to buy a metrocard for the week, you´ll save some money and, believe me, the city is expensive as hell so every penny/cent saved might help;

(2) You have your metrocard but the subway lines are quite a lot and messy and you feel a bit "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW?"...I felt like it in the first hours, however, you can avoid a panic attack and, beforehand, install Citimapper App. It will get you everywhere by subway, but also by bus, rail or uber. Citymapper works as GPS app, it will help you to arrive anywhere you want, just follow its directions and voilà;

(3) During Summer, the temperature might increase until 34ºC, therefore be aware of what you are going to wear. Nothing is more uncomfortable than not to be outfit appropriated, I think. Fashion´s crossing my veins since I was born, but with the heat is almost impossible to look glamorous or fresh, I optioned to wear daily light clothes, like basic jeans shorts and plain t-shirts, paired with some nike sneakers. Furthermore, you can always look stylish with the right attitude and edgly look;

(4) Be open minded and get yourself inspired are the best tips I can give you. As Alicia Keys says, New York is the "concrete jungle where big dreams are made of"...have fun!

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