Sep 22, 2016

If you want to be happy, get real with yourself

I guess getting older come up with tons of responsibilities, less time for ourselves, lots of hard work, losses or heartbreaks. Life´s a tough challenge, a road full of tiny curves - I must say. Besides that, getting older also means time to get real with yourself! There´s nothing more I regret than lying to myself. But waaait, I´m no talking about casual lies, those implicit lies we all tell to some friends, sometimes, like how nice is your home when actually it looks like crap or sorry about arriving here too late but my mom needed me. In fact, I´m referring to automatically accept people´s invitations when I would rather stay at home and self-entertain. I believe it´s hard to refuse any invitation to people we´re genuinely attracted to. A person you´ve just become friends. A close friend. People with high influence. Because, the truth is: we do not want to disappoint anyone and as human being we have the need to fit in with everyone and show our best selves. The main topic of today´s post is to be real - it is barely impossible to always pretend that we´re free or even interested in whatever invitation or proposal that comes our way. First of all, this automatic behavior is not healthy nor mandatory. It´s living a lie. Although, I´ve just come up with this conclusion but I´m willing to challenge myself and break free from this mindset, about pleasing everyone´s need, except mine!

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