Oct 8, 2016

The One Thing About Life You Have Forgotten

Your life consists of daily, seemingly trivial actions and choices. Although, those tiny commitments are not likely to make a huge impact, sometimes you face the situations that require major decisions that are going to leave a trace and determine the trajectory of your life. Needless to say, that not all your decisions will be right. Some of them will be a perfect fit for the person you would like to be and things you would love to accomplish. Meanwhile, some of them will prove to be wrong or even destructive. The harsh truth you need to embrace is that some of the things you will decide to commit to will do nothing but hold you back. They will never allow you to be satisfied. You will never feel happy about them. No doubt, there will be things that bother you and make you feel depressed. They will make you regret your past decisions and be willing to have the second chance and correct all the mistakes. The feeling of dissatisfaction is going to follow you as long as you stay committed to the choice that has appeared to be wrong. The bad news is that you cannot make the right decisions all the time. The good news is that you do not need to. Because we are all people — we are not perfect. And you are not an exclusion. Regrettably, there is no “magic bullet” or 1–2–3 solution to always making right decisions. The thing you need to learn is that mistakes are an integral part of your life. Your job, relationship, education, business… these are spheres where you are required to make huge commitments. And sometimes they are not likely to work out. However, you do not need to live with your mistakes forever. You do not need to force yourself to settle for something you do not like. You do not need to make yourself bury the dreams about your ideal life.

You are not a tree. You can leave and find a better place, where you feel happy to live; a better workplace, where you can uncover your talents; a better partner, that will love and treat you well. However, the more you procrastinate to change the things, the more difficult will it be to change them. The longer you’re keen on postponing, the more accustomed you become to the life you do not like. Do not settle for the things that bother you and make you feel depressed. Do not settle for the life you do not like, knowing there is a chance to fix it. Do not give up chasing your dreams. Design your ideal life and do your best to start living it now.Shoot for the best and never settle for less. Because you deserve more.

"Because the thing about life you have forgotten is that you always have a choice." - Lukominskyi

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