Dec 12, 2016

the not glam side of the fashion industry

I've wanted to write a post regarding this subject for a real long time, accordingly to what the fashion industry is nowadays becoming more about sales, developing constantly products and less about people within clear passion for the industry. In fact, there´s a controversy amongst what this industry proclaims, and what they´re actually doing related to discrimination and lack of diversity in the modeling industry. I must confess that, back in 2013, I wanted to become a commercial model which is a model who works for all kind of advertisements, I´ve tried and got hired for one of the best modeling agencies here in Portugal. One year after I immediately quit my contract! Gosh...writing this makes me very emotional, because I thought I was finally living my dream to push myself out there and inspire young people to be themselves regardless judgments, race, sexual orientation or even body type. In an industry which was built on the celebration of beauty and diversity both of women and men has totally been hijacked by a small group of casting directors and photographers that no longer care about the humongous impact of their actions in the society. This is sad. I got told that I was too skinny or even that I could not go to that casting because I am black and they do not shoot black models. The world is not one size fits all. Am I the only one thinking how idiot is this issue? Shouldn't fashion be reflective of the world we live in? The Fashion Industry has a large  impact on society, mainly to send extremely positive and empowering messages to a consumer base that´s waiting for their own acceptance. Equally important, there are already creative agencies and brands that are adapting new ways to thrive the industry and understand how diversity is also good for business! Maybe one day I'll be back into the modeling industry, but right now I guess the "back office" is where I intend to stay and develop a career. 

"There needs to be a greater awareness of who wears the clothes". 

Ps: Insanely proud of my friend Abdel Queta Tavares for being recognized, at the National Portrait Museum in London!! Besides being the Creative Director of Black Fashion Stars he's currently giving his first steps into the fashion industry, supporting the diversity and inclusivity amongst the black and the LBGT community! Thanks for this picture man. Follow his work HERE :)

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