Feb 5, 2017

Why Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone Is Worth It

[Life updates 4 p.m // 2017-2-4] My family´s vehicle developed a problem out from nowhere and along with them we´re at a service station waiting for an insurance car, and still four hundred kilometers away from home! The weekend is, obviously, for 2 days and 1 day and a half is almost over and I still have tons of things to do! (Oh did I forget to mention that I am living by my own as the company I am working for is not located in Lisbon?!) Okay..pretty bored but having my laptop here with me is a good excuse to update my blog..oui? To begin with, I´ve wanted so bad to write a personal post about what I´ve been doing lately and why I am constantly searching for new opportunities and challenging myself. At first sight, it might seem that being able to live international experiences is easy or that I am not afraid of "saying goodbye" to my family and friends to embrace something new! For this reason, I want to remind you all that I get very emotional when it´s time to pack and leave my comfort zone behind my back. It seems beautiful, fierce but, sometimes, it is quite the opposite. Even though it´s totally worth it. Personally, I simply want to try out and see if going abroad can be a good way of moving forward in my career. I did it last year and I´m going to do it again, I believe giving up small personal sacrifices for the greater good can change a big deal to my success. Now it´s time for me to reset my current comfort zone, store it in the cupboard and create a new one from scratch. I will keep you posted on how I get along with that. 

                              "Find your comfort zone. Then leave it."

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