Mar 24, 2017

Boston, Massachusetts

If 3 years ago someone would come to me saying that I would travel twice to The United States within one year, I´d probably laugh in their faces. This is damn crazy and exciting to say the least! Moving abroad was never ever a thing I wanted so bad, my motto was always about looking for opportunities and seeking challenges, personal and professional ones. Hence, putting me apart from the reality I am used to was something I always looked for but never had the opportunity. As you might know, last year I came to The US to attend an international business program (yeah that´s my academic field!) during Summer time and, undoubtedly, I had the time of my life. Among friends, business trips, classes, celebrating 4th of July, New York, clubbing, hard work, I must say this experience became THE best adventure I put myself into. Presumably,  I became more mature and aware of the infinite possibilities life can prompt us. I believe we´re all pretty busy, looking for something, trying to achieve that position at work or fall in love with that guy that texted us last night. Besides our own bubble there´s also life and exciting stuff to discover and let yourself be! Maybe what we´re looking for is not right for us right now, someday will be, but not now! Overall, this has been my motto over the last 6 months.
I came back from New York on August 27th, full of energy to start something new and maintaining my happiness, apart from loving my hometown and family, I knew I wanted to leave again and that´s what I did. I started to apply for International Programs to work abroad and my destination was Boston! Do you know what I am talking about? Less than 9 months and I am back to America!! I don´t know what´s this, but I totally believe in signs, so maybe it means something.
I have been in Boston for 3 weeks now and what I can say is that the city is fresh, outgoing and everything moves fast. Likewise New York, Boston is a small baby still giving the first steps, which is cool because New York is very chaotic and demanding. Downtown Boston is full of skyscrapers, Barneys is my favorite luxury mall, the Haymarket is pretty good to find cheap grocery and fresh fruits!! Still adapting to the city tricks, but on the whole sometimes I still have to pinch myself!
Spring is here...New season, new looks, new parties, new friends, lets make this a good one.

Happy Spring!!!

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