Aug 3, 2017

If Not Now, When?

The rules of life. There are no rules of life, so stop letting social constructions that have been built by organizations hold you down from living the life you want. Be grateful you have at this moment the ability to say "no more." That is a fucking lucky thing we often don't realize. Yes, you think you can't do this because you "need" your shitty job, your shitty relationship, or whatever else you think you "need" at this moment. The truth is you don't need any of it. I've travelled in The U.S. for $6 a night, eaten 3 meals a day for under $10 all together, and have done countless cool stuff for free. I've met people of all ages from all over the world who are making their lives work for them, not working for a life that doesn't work. We've been taught that success means being a CEO, living in a big house, and having more crap than we know what to do with. I'm more than happy to tell you, it's all bs. I've truly never been happier than when I'm traveling around with my trusty backpack with just a few pieces of clothing and amazing company. Meeting strangers who are traveling to open their minds up, seeing places I never even knew existed, and waking myself up from the confines of westernization have been a few highlights of telling myself to just travel, and let myself be truly free. What good is freedom if we can't even use it? Why are we hiding from ourselves? What are we so afraid of? Happiness. We're all actually afraid to be happy because then the stresses we put upon ourselves seem idiotic, and they are. I know for me the idea of failure based upon other people's need for power, greed, and control held me back for so long. I never had enough money, time, or really anything, but removing myself from my day-to-day life I've been reminded I have beyond more than I need or really ever dreamt of. Today I challenge you to stop making excuses, write a bucket list down, and start crossing those things off! If nothing else know you can. 

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